Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Who is Missing

If you look on the right hand column of this blog, you will find our blogroll.
I have a simple question - what great Catholic blogs are missing?

There are a few criteria for our blogroll.

1 - Has to be a decently trafficked site. Not necessarily huge, but not puny either.
2 - Has to have some history. There are tons of blogs that start strong and flame-out quickly.
3 - Can't be too controversial, offensive, or political.
4 - Shouldn't be out to tear down others.

So, who should join the angel band on our blogroll?


Brandon Vogt said...

Would it be too presumptuous to suggest my own blog?

The Thin Veil (

I'm a 23-year Catholic convert who has been writing for a few years, mostly on Catholicism, with plenty of book reviews and articles alike.

Marcel said...

Not at all. Thanks for the suggestion. I will be adding new blogs next week.

Devin Rose said...

I recommend adding guys are awesome; all Catholic converts publishing blog posts and articles to systematically build the case for the Catholic Faith.

I toot my own horn enough but if you guys also want to toot it too then I would humbly submit mine for consideration as well.

George @ Convert Journal said...

I recommend Jennifer Fulwiler's blog Conversion Diary. She is a convert with over 3,700 blog followers, including me (I have my own blog - Convert Journal - but it is relatively new).

djalk said...

Patrick Madrid. I didn't see him on your list. I am sure you are familiar with him. I like him a lot and I really like how nice he is on the radio with callers that get a little heated.

JC said...

How about Adoro Te Devote?

Marcel said...

Keep the suggestions coming. I may not be able to moderate comments for a few days, so don't think you are getting a reject notice if it doesn't post right away.

Sister Lynn said...

Conversion Diary

Deacon Mike said...

Take a look at my blog and ley me know what you think. Written from the perspective of a Catholic Permanent Deacon ordained less than a year and a half: