Friday, March 26, 2010

Friday Fun: Gus Johnson

We haven't had too much Friday fun lately (it is Lent and all), but I couldn't resist, since it is also March Madness.

Thus, I would like to pay tribute to Gus Johnson, my favorite college basketball announcer. Gus is so much fun to listen to because he loves the game as much as I do. He is a true fan and lets it show.

Of course, he can get a little over-excited:

The Wall Street Journal said today:
There are times when a fan can’t help but be concerned about Gus Johnson’s health. Yes, CBS probably has some sort of backup plan in place should its most excitable announcer’s head explode during a particularly dramatic overtime game. Still, it was hard not to worry about Johnson during Thursday night’s NCAA tournament action. It was everyone’s good fortune that Johnson wound up in Salt Lake City, calling the two most exciting games of the evening: first, Butler’s upset of west region No. 1 seed Syracuse, then Kansas State’s thrilling double-overtime win over Xavier. Among the less fortunate: people with really good speakers attached to their televisions; and Johnson’s tonsils, which are presumably encased in a therapeutic coating of Icy Hot as you read this.
I concur. I actually said out loud last night, "one day Gus Johnson's head is going to explode."

If you are a Gus fan as I am, then you will love the Gus Johnson soundboard. Hours of endless fun.

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