Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Feast of St. Joseph is bigger than the feast of St. Patrick

**Don't tell any Irish that the Church makes a bigger deal of the feast of St. Joseph than of St. Patrick, but it is the truth. St. Patrick only gets a regular day in Lent, while St. Joseph (he was the foster-father of Jesus after all) gets a solemnity. This means that we don't have to abstain from meat on Friday. So, celebrate St. Patrick all you want, but don't forget the bigger day on Friday.

...a few other items of interest:

**Fr. Harrison and Mark Shea continue a healthy discussion on torture and the Catholic Church.

**The number of pro-lifers continues to grow and get younger.

**A while back, a reader from Ireland, Kevin, sent me this. It is amazing...


Devin Rose said...

Not to diss St. Patrick, but you're totally right Marcel. The Knights of Columbus' online magazine Fathers for Good just published an article I wrote about St. Joseph and my changing understanding of him from an atheist to Baptist to Catholic:


Gert said...

Is this for every diocese? Or is the obligation to abstain a diocesan decision?

Marcel said...

It is universal.