Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Don't Push Your Faith on Me!

I am guest posting at Creative Minority Report a bit. It makes Patrick and Matthew look that much better.
Here is my latest:
There are many reasons why faithful Catholics don’t evangelize, but there is no reason more prominent than fear. Giving in to any fear is an impediment to our holiness. I challenge you to think of a parish where there is no fear. How much would we love? How much would we serve? How often would the truth be proclaimed? How many lives would be changed?

Fear is not consonant with the Gospel. The Bible repeatedly says, “be not afraid,” “have no fear,” and “fear not.” With God there should be no fear, but because we are human we must all battle with fears. Being afraid or anxious is natural, but allowing fear or anxiety keep us from loving another person is sinful.

We Catholics have lots of fear when it comes to evangelization (sharing our faith through witness of life and by word).
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