Monday, February 8, 2010

Sisters on Oprah Tomorrow (Tuesday)

More info about the Dominican Sisters of Mary, Mother of the Eucharist appearing on Oprah.

“We will be appearing on the Oprah Winfrey Show on Tuesday, February 9, which also happens to be the 13th anniversary of the founding of our Community. Oprah was interested in doing a show on religious life as a hidden way of life which many people never experience, and so her producers asked us if we would be willing to welcome them. We accepted this invitation as an opportunity to share our life, and by extension, the Gospel, with an audience that we might not ever reach otherwise.
A camera crew came to the Motherhouse in Ann Arbor at the beginning of this week [pictures here], and then on Thursday, Sr. Mary Samuel, Sr. John Dominic, Sr. Mary Judith, and Sr. Francis Mary were flown to Chicago for the taping. Some of our Novices and Postulants also participated in the taping from the Motherhouse via “Skype.” 
I saw the sisters from this wonderful order (the ones living in Austin) last weekend. They have such a joy about them, it is contagious. They promised to get back to Aggieland soon.

UPDATE: below is a promo ad.

I love The Anchoress' take on this:
The Dominican Sisters of Mary will be featured on Oprah Winfrey’s show tomorrow, and the gals were kind enough to send along an exclusive picture from the crew’s visit to their Ann Arbor Motherhouse. They have more pictures here.

A peek at her teaser for the Tuesday show (H/T the Deac) indicates that the Sisters will share the hour with a look at the “the word’s only Western Geisha.” One serves God and thereby all of humanity, one serves a single man and makes him feel like a god. I don’t think that Ms. Winfrey meant to make it sound like a carnival barker selling a “freak” show.

I guess Oprah’s “theme” here is that two rather “secret” lives are being looked into, but I do wonder at the mindset that puts Consecrated religious and Geisha on the same footing. Either one of these subjects could easily fill an hour’s worth of television, and by reducing them to 23 minute overviews, both features promise to be as penetrating as prop knives; superficial, shallow and sensationalistic.

But then again, I’m not an Oprah (or daytime tv) viewer, so perhaps that is par for the course?

What disappoints about the teaser is something that consistently disappoints on those rare occasion when news people talk with Christian religious: the interviewers are so hung up on sex, and so lacking in imagination or depth of thought, that it is the first thing they talk about, and an issue the cannot seem to get past: “you give up sex? How do you not have sex? What about sex?” It is literally the first thing Oprah brings up in her teaser: “they’re young, and gave up sex! careers! and children!” Note the emphasis. And the priority. Read the rest.

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