Friday, February 26, 2010

Lent - The Season of Guest Blogging

Lent is apparently the season of guest blogging.  Here at the Aggie Catholics Blog (aka - Mary's Aggies) we have Stephanie, Kevin, and Chris, our Campus Ministry Interns, guest blogging for us.  Stephanie and Kevin have already posted their first reflections - now we just need to get the blonde intern to follow their lead (psst - Chris - this means you).

While we are on the topic, I have also been asked guest blog at Creative Minority Report, once a week for the next four weeks. I am honored to be able to contribute to their blog, because I consider it one of the best blogs in the blogosphere today. Of course, I haven't quite figured out why Matthew and Patrick asked me to do it.  I have my concerns that they are just trying to make their readers appreciate them more...but I digress.

My first post for them is up now and is about the Most Influential Theologians in The World.

On another topic, you should check these links out:
**Jimmy Akin offers some nice resources on understanding prophecy in Scripture.

**The 15 minute Mass is a hit in Ireland.

**Love of money is slavery.

**Archbishop Timothy Dolan, of New York, gave a great interview on all kinds of controversial topics.  Watch it here.

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tour86rocker said...

This 15 minute Mass is going to be of very little merit if the goal isn't to gradually challenge those attendees further.