Thursday, February 25, 2010

Cool Stuff to Check Out and Cool Stuff to Read

Cool Stuff To Check Out.
**Check out the free, web-based, image editing application called Aviary.  Photoshop 'till your heart is content.

**Make music on the web at drumbot.

**BitBomb sends free reminders to you via a text message.

**Ever try scheduling a meeting with several people all with different schedules? Doodle solves the problem. We use this at St. Mary's.

**If you like internet widgets, widgetbox is the place for you.

**Tech stuff you never knew you wanted.  Coolestgizmo.

Cool Stuff to Read.
**The Dominican Sisters taught Oprah the rosary.

**17 Million more Catholics in 2008 alone. Like adding the entire Southern Baptist Convention to our Church.

**Why fish is ok and meat is not on days of abstinence.

**Profiles of life.

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