Thursday, February 4, 2010

Boring Stuff Can Be Good For You

***A very nice point on how being bored can be good for you.
Neuroscientists tell us that many, if not most, of our most creative and productive moments come when we step back from all the stimulation and let our minds be free. In other words, what many people call “boredom” is good for us in ways that the constantly-stimulated can’t begin to imagine.

We’re not talking about letting our minds wander just anywhere. What we’re told to do is invest our life in a relationship with Christ. In His word, in prayer, and in meditation.
Unplugging and stepping back for some time alone with God is yet another reason for us to unplug our kids and ourselves and risk being bored. For all the right reasons.
Go unplug yourself from your technology.

**Then there is Obama's faith-based advisor who says that the Pope is "hurting people in the name of Jesus.".  Time for a new advisor.


Keith said...

"Go unplug yourself from your technology."

As soon as I'm done reading your blog, I presume?

Marcel said...

Blog schmog