Monday, January 4, 2010

What We Want

All of us want the same thing.  Happiness. We will all get it finally in heaven (and perfectly) but how do we seek it out before we die? In very different ways.

*Some of us seek it out in pleasure, yet find that pleasure alone cannot equal happiness and we are then left unfulfilled. We can find examples of this in how people seek it in drugs or alcohol.

*Some of us seek it in other people, and find they will always be unable to give us what we need.  Thus, we feel that we haven't found the right person or that we need to change them. This is what leads to so many broken marriages and relationships.

*Some seek it in a combination of pleasure and people.  An example is when people seek to use others sexually.  Pre-marital sex, contraception, affairs, etc.  This will always lead to unhappiness.

*Some people seek it in power or glory.  They mistake human admiration for happiness, which will always be shown as a sham ultimately.

*Some seek it in money and attaining earthly treasures.  They obtain things in place of having real happiness.

So, what will bring true happiness?  Let JPII tell us all about it, "Creating man and woman in his own image and likeness, God wills for them the fullness of good, or supernatural happiness, which flows from sharing in his own life."  We can only be truly happy when we stop trying to create our own happiness and share in the only thing that can truly grant us the gift of happiness - God.  Thus, we have to receive the gift of love that God gives us.

A true happiness is grounded in what is true, beautiful, and good.  God is the only thing that can fulfill what these three things promise.  But, it isn't be merely our choosing God.  He chose us first.  Thus, we merely need to respond with a "yes" to his invitation.

Do you want to be happy?  Of course.
Choose God.  Receive Him.  Live your life for Him.  Love Him and His children.

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Gert said...

I can't remember who he was quoting, it may have been Augustine, but our parish priest once said: "The only source of contentment in this life and happiness in the next is the Catholic Church."