Thursday, January 28, 2010

Tim Tebow and the Superbowl

What a ruckus!  If you haven't heard, Tim Tebow and his mom, Pam Tebow, will be appearing in a commercial that Focus on the Family has produced about the story of Pam's choice to give birth to Tim, even in a high-risk pregnancy (read more on her story here).  The commercial will air during the Superbowl and some are not happy about it.

The commercial is being challenged by NOW and other pro-abortion groups.  They have made the claim that the ad is "anti-choice" and are asking for the commercial to not be aired by CBS.

Let us examine this charge for a minute.  If someone decides to choose life for their baby, thus exercising a choice, they are now "anti-choice" because they think their choice it was a good one and one they recommend to others???  Not only that, but they are also pushing a hateful agenda on America and should be ashamed of themselves?  This is how low we have sunk, that saying having a baby is hateful?

Here are some other comments from the NOW president:
NOW President Terry O'Neil told the Associated Press that the planned ad is "extraordinarily offensive and demeaning."

"That's not being respectful of other people's lives," O'Neill said. "It is offensive to hold one way out as being a superior way over everybody else's."
In other words - the only non-offensive way to express a choice is to agree with abortion being the greatest good. It is offensive to think your opinion is better than others, unless your opinion agrees with the president of NOW. Hypocrisy!

If you want to get even more off the reservation comments on this subject then you should read about Joy Behar's remarks and Carl Olson's take on this subject.


antonina31 said...

While I think this ad is wonderful, I am wondering what the best argument in support of the Tebow ad is. Given CBS's consideration of this offensive ad (
it is not like we can cry free speech and all is well. Thoughts?

Marcel said...

I don't think free speech is the prevailing principle. CBS is a company that can air (within the limits of the law) whatever they please. Advertisers are vetted based on $$$ not on free speech.

I think the best argument in favor of the ad is that it promotes a positive message, unlike most ads which are just about selling some product.

Gert said...

I've been accused of being judgemental because I am pro-life, which I am. We all make judgements. But this takes the cake for being judgemental in a quite negative manner.