Monday, January 11, 2010


I was in Pennsylvania all of last week at the Theology of the Body Institute.  It was a great time and I will have more thoughts to share after I digest them a bit.  While gone, a lot has gone on.  Here are some items of interest:

**An abortion "super-center" is being planned for Houston.  Please pray that pro-lifers in Houston can organize to stop this late-term abortion building.

**A good article contrasting Catholicism with Buddhism.

**Here is one Catholic's take on the movie Avatar and Christian themes you can pull from it..  If you haven't seen it, I highly recommend it.  While the story was a bit predictable and the script somewhat cheesy (what do you expect from the man who made Titanic?), the visuals were stunning.  There has never been a better movie made from a visuals-alone standpoint.

**Pray for these priests from Uganda.

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aggieannie09 said...

The new "abortion super center" is only half a mile away from the Catholic Charismatic Center of Houston. This is so sad & disturbing, but I know that many people including Fr. Michael and Fr. Francis of the CCC have been going to the construction site to pray.

Will continue to pray for the pro-lifers in Houston.