Saturday, January 16, 2010

Headlines and Links

Some interesting links/headlines:

**A new archaeological find has some scholars believing that some Old Testament books were written much earlier than first thought.

**Dawn Eden has some good thoughts about what it means to suffer, from a Catholic perspective.

**Leon Suprenant ran the numbers on Confession and realized we need it more often with more priests to really serve the needs of our parishes.  Lucky for us we have it scheduled 10 times a week here at St. Mary's.

**Pope Benedict XVI is still hoping for unity with the SSPX.

**Mark Shea points out things we laugh at that we aren't supposed to.

**While you are still praying for Haiti (The Anchoress has some great insights), pray also for Christians in the Holy Land and the Middle East.

**Archbishop Dolan on the Catholic response to the Haiti disaster.

Our Lady of Perpetual Help, patron of Haiti, pray for us!

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