Thursday, January 7, 2010

God's 2010 Resolutions

Because God is above space and time, He makes the same resolutions every year.  So, this isn't covering new ground by any means.  That being said, here are God's 2011 resolutions (feel free to add your own in the combox):
"As the Divine, everlasting, all-knowing, all-powerful, lover of my people, I resolve to do the following during the 2011th year after the birth of my Son.

*I will respect the freedom of all my human creatures.  They will then turn their faces away from me and sin greatly.  War, injustice, murder, abortion, and countless (by human standards) other horrible things will take place.  But, my people will be free.  Free to love.  Free to turn their face from me.  Free to say "yes" to my grace.  Free to lay down their lives for others.  Free to believe.  Free to hope.  Free to become saints.

*I will pour out my love on my people.  Each human being will be showered with innumerable (by human standards) graces.  They will be offered through the Sacraments, through prayer, in their hearts, in places they do not expect, through relationships, and many other places.  Some of my people will feel my consolation and  others will feel as if I am not present, yet both will receive an abundance of my love, because I will not fail to love my children.

*I will fulfill my promises.  I can't not fulfill my promises, it isn't in me to do so.  Therefore, I resolve to always love my people with all that I am.  I will seek them out as a forlorn lover.  I will long for them.  I will run after them.  I will love my people with all my people.

*I will show the might of my arm. I will cast down the mighty in their conceit.  I will lift up the lowly.  I will fill the hungry with good things and the rich I will send away empty (but not because I don't love them, but because they will not choose me).

*I will give the Kingdom of Heaven to the poor in Spirit. I will comfort those who mourn. I will give an inheritance of the land to the meek. I will satisfy those who hunger and thirst for righteousness. I will be merciful to those who show mercy.  I will allow the clean of heart to see me. Peacemakers will be called my children. I will give my kingdom to those who are persecuted for righteousness sake. I will give a great heavenly reward to those who are persecuted for my names sake.

*I will change the hearts of many people by empowering.  Working in and through My Body (The Church), many people will be evangelized and come to know me.  My family will expand and My grace will touch the hearts of many.  I will raise up an army of those willing to fight for my name and will send them into the world to make My name known.

*I will answer all prayers.  Some I may delay for a time and some I will answer with "this isn't what is best for you", but all will be answered one way or another.  I will heal all who ask for healing - in this life or the next.  I will always say yes to every prayer said when it conforms to my own will. I will not care if the words they say to me are "pretty".

*I will speak to my people through my creation.  I will paint in the sky.  I will show my power throughout the universe.

*I will be and I AM, because I must be.


Chris said...

Shouldn't it be 2010 resolutions Marcel?

Marcel said...

I am always ahead of the game. THanks for the catch.

cricket said...

I was going to say, "2011! that's a lot of resolutions... but where's the other 2002?"

Fr. Philip Powell, OP said...

Hmmmmm...the Dominican looks askance upon the notion that God must be and wonders if a distinction is call for somwhere here?


Fr. Philip, OP