Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The GLO Bible

This is pretty cool.  But, I don't like the "it feels right" kind of language they are pushing in their marketing.  Ultimately, it may be a nice tool, but if it isn't approached in faith, it does nobody any ultimate good.  Also, the commentaries are from a non-Catholic view and will be deficient in some areas.

With all of those catches, and with a few I didn't mention, it is still pretty cool.  The tools, maps, multimedia aspects, ease, etc. are all very nice.


Eric Sammons said...

I got a free one of these as part of Amazon's top reviewer program.

It is a pretty neat piece of software. I especially liked being able to see video of the geography of an area being discussed in the Bible. But it was very Protestant, as you mention.

Matthew 16 was a perfect example of its strengths and weaknesses. It shows Caeasarea Philipi and you can see how it looks today and they explain what it looked like back then. But in the section about Simon's name-change, they are quick to point out that Simon is not the rock, but instead his confession. And of course no mention of the papacy.

But although in many ways the software is cool, it does have a 1990's feel to it. CD's? Isn't that so, like, yesterday? You mean I can't run it on any computer, but actually have to spend an hour installing it on one (and it won't even run on my Mac)? All software is becoming web-based, so I think this product will only succeed if they put it out there (but, of course, then they will have problems actually charging for it...)

All in all, it's a nifty little program, but probably not worth the price.

Marcel said...

Eric - thanks for the comments. It didn't look worth the price to me either. But, I am glad Christians are at least trying to use technology, even if the attempts fall short somewhat.

Literacy-chic said...

Hmmm. . . Did my comment not go through, or did it not make the cut?

Marcel said...

I didn't kill any of your comments. It must not have come through.