Friday, January 29, 2010

Football? Um, no...

Yesterday I posted about a commercial that Tim Tebow and his mother will be in during the Super Bowl.  The commercial tells their story of how Pam Tebow decided not to have an abortion, against doctor's recommendations, because she chose her son's life over her own (though it all turned out fine for both).  The situation has caused a stir that has overshadowed the game itself, in some quarters.  Now the story gets even worse.

Nancy Northup, of the President Center for Reproductive Rights, has sent a letter to CBS calling Pam Tebow a liar. She claims that it would have been impossible for Pam Tebow to have the option of getting an abortion in the first place, because she was in the Philippines at the time of her pregnancy. As CMR commented:
Let's get this straight. The Center for Reproductive Rights is calling Tim Tebow's mother a liar because she's saying that an abortion was recommended to her in a country where abortion is illegal.

Are these people so insane that they can't believe a woman turned down an abortion? I know. I know. With all the fringe benefits of abortion including a lifetime of guilt, depression, higher risk of suicide, increased chance of infertility and cancer who could say no to an abortion, right?

And CRR's logic falls apart in that aren't they the same ones who say if you make abortion illegal, the same number of abortions would still occur but they'll be performed illegally and dangerously? In one of their own documents they say, "The Court's decision in Roe v. Wade all but ended the back-alley and self-induced abortions that once killed hundreds if not thousands of women each year."

But wait?! Abortion was illegal in this country before that, right? So how did all those women die? So, I guess, abortions still take place even when it's illegal, huh? I mean, did they not see Vera Drake?
But, the craziness gets even worse, because this has become such a big deal, that another issue has completely been ignored.

As CMR points out - the halftime show will have The Who performing. This is a group who is headed up by a man caught with child pornography.

In other words, a man who admitted to having child porn is not controversial at all, while a woman who decided to CHOOSE to keep her baby is a scandal. I know a lot of other women that kept their babies - the mothers of all who think keeping a baby is crazy-talk.

Does anyone else want to scream???


Monica said...

St. Gianna pray for us.

Gert said...

Scream, and weep. But what else should we expect from those who see no evil in the destruciton of innocent human life, no wrong in a mother hiring someone to kill her child, no regret for 35 years of leading people astray and away from the God who loves them?