Thursday, December 3, 2009

Viral Marketing Mocking Catholicism

Dante's Inferno, a new video game by Electronic Arts (EA) based on one part of Dante's book, The Divine Comedy, has a viral marketing campaign that has confused (and upset) a few good Catholics.  The campaign has a website called "Mass We Pray" which spoofs (or mocks - depending on your perspective) the Catholic Church.  You can tell watching the video (below) that the creators of the video aren't Catholic, because the kids don't even do the sign of the cross correctly.

What it boils down to is a publicity stunt.  I don't want to blow it out or proportion.  EA doesn't care about the Catholics they might offend, they just want to make money.  This is why the same group paid people to act as offended Christians in order to create buzz about the game.

Just don't buy it and leave it at that.  Here is the promo, which (of course) is made to look cheesy, because all Christians are boring prudes, right?  Bah!

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