Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Tuesday Headlines

**The health care debate continues.  The American Papist has all the information you need.  I highly recommend you look at what he has posted about "Everything Health Care".

**Also, there are some Catholic lobbyists in DC that are causing some blurring on what is really "Catholic" in health care and what isn't.  Read more about this in an article in Catholic World Report.

**When canon law changes, and it did today, look to Dr. Ed Peters to explain it all.

**As a parent of five, I love babies.  That being said, this film could be good or it could just show how baby-centric some people have become.  On the other side we have those that would just see these children as barriers to a better earth and pollution.

**Archbishop Listecki points out that the group "Young Catholics for Choice" is anything but "Catholic".

**Politics has always been a dirty game, but it is getting worse.

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