Thursday, December 17, 2009

Catholics Come Home

If you haven't heard of "Catholics Come Home", then you haven't seen the best program ever put together to re-evangelize fallen-away Catholics.  An Aggie Catholic, Carson Weber, is heading up the program for the Diocese of Sacramento.  He is the Associate Director for New Media Evangelization there.  Here is the website for the Diocese of Sacramento's Catholics Come Home program.  Very well done.

Below is one of the commercials that will be airing around the diocese on TV stations.  Parishes are then having programs to welcome home all the Catholics that will be coming back.  In other dioceses, they have seen hundreds of thousands return to church because of this program.  Here are some of the numbers:
**in the Diocese of Phoenix reported a 12 percent increase in weekly Mass attendance
**in the Diocese of Corpus Christi - 17.7 percent increase in weekly Mass attendance

Check out why...


Literacy-chic said...

It is a beautiful ad, and very well done. Sadly, I can anticipate the critiques of those who are bitter. May it nevertheless plant a seed. I will post it in hopes that my estranged Catholic family members will be moved in some way.

GC said...

Very nicely done. The Church looks great!

Carson Weber said...

Thanks for the plug Marcel. :-)