Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Cardinal DiNardo on Health Care

The US Bishops continue to speak out boldly on health care reform and the moral problems that are still underlying many of the current proposals.  Yesterday, writing for the USCCB, Cardinal DiNardo sent this letter out to Senators.  I think it is worth a full reading, but his final paragraph sums up the issue well:

From the outset of the health care reform debate, we have not sought to use this legislation as a vehicle for advancing the pro-life cause – and we have urged others not to use it to advance the pro-abortion cause. The current Senate bill fails to achieve this balance. While its abortion language has been called a “compromise,” it is only a compromise between current law and a broader policy on abortion funding, as it explicitly authorizes the use of federal funds to subsidize health plans covering elective abortions for the first time in history. Health care reform is too urgently needed to be placed at risk by one lobbying group’s insistence on changing the law. Before the Senate considers final votes on its health care reform legislation, please incorporate into this bill the longstanding and widely supported policies of current law, acknowledged and reaffirmed by the Senate itself only yesterday. Please give the American people health care reform that respects the life, health and consciences of all.

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