Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Another Approach to Health Care Reform

George Weigel explores other options in reforming Health Care while being faithful to Catholic social teachings and principles.  Worth a close read and reflection.  Here is a snip:
For all its virtues, today’s American medical system does not afford access to needed care for some, so it fails the tests set by Catholic social doctrine. We can meet those tests and fix the system’s gravest problems by working incrementally, testing results as we go: changing the liability laws that distort insurance costs, reforming the insurance industry to mandate portability and coverage of pre-existing conditions, lifting the ban on interstate competition in health insurance, and covering the uninsured by tax credits and small business reforms. That would be health-care reform that satisfies Catholic principles across-the-board.


judjohns said...

Exactly! as a Family Nurse practitioner I think all of these solutions would be far superior to the tax and jam Communism down people's throats that we are currently getting

Alex said...

Another point to consider is that health insurance companies are specifically exempted from anti-trust (i.e. anti-monopoly) laws, and have been since the 1920's. Getting rid of that would be another reform that everyone should be able to agree on.

Douglas Naaden said...

Insurance is a gamble. You are betting that you will get injured/ill, the insurance company is betting that you won't. They look at stats, make an assessment, name you a price. Insurance by it's very nature is not for the covering of pre-existing ills/injury. If you have a condition which will incur $10k in bills, why would an insurance company cover that $10k for only your measly ~$1k? Can someone who crashed their car, go out and get insurance the next hour so that the car insurance company will foot the repair bill? It's not insurance at that point. There's no gamble.