Thursday, November 12, 2009

We Support Catholic Speakers

St. Mary's is blessed to be able to host a number of Catholic speakers every year.  Here are some of the national speakers we have hosted in the past few years:
-George Weigel
-Christopher West (twice)
-Cardinal DiNardo
-Archbishop Aymond
-Monica Ashour
-Sr. Margaret Michael , F.S.P.
-Sr. Joseph Andrew, O.P.

In the near future we already have these speakers scheduled:
-John Martignoni - Nov 18
-Dr. Ted Sri - Feb 2
-Fr. Mitch Pacwa - Apr 24

We are already starting to work on fall of 2010 speakers.  In addition, our staff has several people that speak  nationally, including myself.  With this in mind, we fully support the initiative of Fallible Blogma to highlight good Catholic speakers.  I encourage you to visit their list of the 100 best Catholic speakers of 2009.  This isn't a complete list of Catholic speakers, but it is a good start.  Matthew has also put up links to all of the speakers and all the blogs that wrote articles on each speaker.

I came in at #40 on the list and was honored to have Sherry at Chocolate for Your Brain write an article about me.  Thanks Sherry!

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