Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Media Doesn't Get The Catholic Church

Example #3,456,789,023

If an Anglican priest decides to become Catholic, that doesn't mean they automatically get to become a Catholic priest, whether they are married or not. If a married Anglican priest wants to be a Catholic priest, then they must first become Catholic. Afterward, they can apply for the pastoral provision, which is an individual application for an exception to the norm of having celibate priests. So, at no time will an Anglican priest be told they can't have sexual relations with their wife because of a vow of celibacy.

I wouldn't expect anything else. We need to really, really, really focus on adult catechesis.


Douglas Naaden said...

Wow. What utter newbs. Or perhaps nubs would be a better term. It isn't that hard of a concept.
Why do people think the Catholic Church does such laughable things? What next...we worship stautues of Mary. Sheesh!

Leigh said...

To you that's laughable... but isn't that what many people did to Jesus... laugh, ridicule, treat him as "below" them...

As to Mary, we, Catholics, will forever give her the honor that she deserves for being the mother of God. If we honor our earthly mother, carry their pictures in our wallet, put up their photos in expensive frames, how much more for the Mother who bore our Savior? I think that is simply simple to understand. Whoever says we Catholics worship her statues is _____. I pray that your mind and heart be opened to respect other people's beliefs.