Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Judge Denies Planned Parenthood's Injunction Request

From the Coalition for life.

Abby Johnson had no idea what God had in store for her when she had a change of heart and left the abortion industry in early October.

After her former employer filed a temporary restraining order against her and sent a press release she has been thrust into the public light and has handled it with courage and her faith in God that led her out of Planned Parenthood in the first place.

Earlier today a Brazos County judge denied Planned Parenthood an injunction against Abby and dissolved Planned Parenthood's temporary restraining order.

Read the story:

The Coalition for Life and Abby are very thankful for your prayers and support for her over the last few weeks. We are also extremely grateful for the professional and legal expertise of our attorney, Jeff Paradowski. Jeff's arguments and defense against the nation's largest abortion chain allowed justice to be served. Jeff volunteered his services pro-bono.

Jeff's leadership and the support of the Alliance Defense Fund in Washington DC made this process as smooth as possible for the Coalition and Abby.

Email Abby words of encouragement to:

"The O'Reilly Factor" will be covering this story on Wednesday night at 7pm and 10pm central.

Please continue to pray and hold steadfast to end abortion in the Brazos Valley...peacefully and prayerfully.

In Christ,

Shawn Carney
Executive Director


aonghus said...

The link above to the story is broken.

Here is a fixed one

Paul Henry said...

Since when do organisations own your soul? Is this not intellectual and spiritual slavery?

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