Thursday, November 19, 2009

Fulton Sheen Quote

If you have never read anything from Archbishop Fulton Sheen, you should.  Here is a sample:
Sin was the act by which man refused to see created things for what they were -- stepping stones to God, a means to an end -- and began instead to clutch at them as ends in themselves. That is what sin is, still. As a man loves his sense of humor when he cannnot see the point of a pun, so he loses his humor in its entirety when he ceases to see the point of the universe, which is that all things are revelations, symbols, reminders of God who made them. To take things as ends in themselves is to overrate them, treating them with a solemnity which is not warranted.
I would have said - "we worship creation and not the creator." What a word-smith Archbishop sheen was.

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