Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Bishop Tobin "Interviewed" by Chris Matthews

I have commented several times on the war of words between Bishop Tobin and Representative Patrick Kennedy (see examples here and here).  The issue has started to get a lot of press and Bishop Tobin agreed to go on Hardball with Chris Matthews last night (video below).

Chris Matthews should be ashamed of himself.  As Deacon Keith Fournier says "Matthews showed how inept he is as an interviewer, how misinformed he is as a Catholic, how rude he is as a person and how threatened he is by the Moral truth."  I wouldn't go so far as to ask for him to be fired, but he should apologize.  More important, he should repent.

He presumes to lecture the bishop and tries to box him in to a little box.  He insults him, interrupts him, and acts shamefully.  He is a Catholic and doesn't like Bishop Tobin challenging his own politics by challenging Kennedy.

Bishop Tobin did get in the last word when he said, "I will reflect on that if you reflect on the teachings of the Church."  Pray for Matthews.  Pray for Kennedy.


Gert said...

I almost watched the interview. But I could not bear to confirm with my own eyes my ability to predict how ugly Matthews would be to the good bishop. Matthews does not have people on his show that disagree with him in order to explore the possibility that he might be wrong. Rather he invites oppossing views only to ridicule. I did not watch the interview, but I bet that Matthews did not even do enough journalistic research to know that the letter Kennedy was referencing was from 2007.

MSNBC is the property of GE. GE used a stategy at MSNBC that was designed to get viewers by supporting the Democratic candidate for president. GE is now benefitting immensely from an influx of federal funds. Follow the money,

Chris said...

I was tingling with anger with the way Matthews "lectured" his excellency, never letting him speak. What kind of interview was that? It was outrageous! Poor Bishop Tobin, he never had a chance. The issue is not Bishop Tobin writing law, the issue is Kennedy and Pelosi and Cuomo et al representing Church teaching incorrectly. When that happens the magisterium has every right to correct them, publicly if needed!

tour86rocker said...

Bishop Tobin should never have gone on this show. Mr. Matthews' manners are well-known.