Thursday, October 1, 2009

Why I Am Not A Youth Minister

A lot of people think Campus Ministry is the same as Youth Ministry. It is not. Thank goodness. I am not cut out for youth ministry. Too many car washes and too many parents.
Though the side hugs do cross the boundaries.


hollisonjourney said...

A) This is one of my favorite videos. As you can imagine, Joe and I watched it a million times.

B) Four years of campus ministry: 4 car washes
Four years of youth ministry: 0 car washes

C)Joe and I immediately thought of DYRT with "the awkward side hug!"


Marcel said...

Car Washes shouldn't ever happen in Campus Ministry - if it is funded properly.

hollisonjourney said...

dude. those car washes happened under you. RA car washes.

Marcel said...

I know. But, we were not allowed to fundraise properly.

hollisonjourney said...

ah, ok. i gotcha now. :)