Thursday, October 8, 2009

What Would Happen?

Adam, the Director of RCIA here at St. Mary's, and I were discussing prayer today.  He asked a great question, which has caused me to reflect on an answer.  He asked, "what would happen if God started to answer all the prayers of the average Christian?"

The answers we came up with together, based on what most Christians commonly pray for:

  • we would only eat blessed food
  • we would always travel safely
  • nobody we loved would stay sick
  • nobody would grieve for long
  • there would be no suffering
  • everyone would have a good job
  • we would all have lots of money and stuff
  • there would be no war
  • etc.

Before I make additional comments, let me say there is nothing wrong with praying for these things.  We should always let God know our heart's desires.  Yet, in reflecting on these petitions, we both saw how narrow and shallow the prayers are and how little we desire the things God sees as really GOOD.

So, how should we pray - if God is going to answer the prayers?  We should expand and broaden our petitionary prayers and ask for these things:

  • salvation for others
  • mercy for all
  • forgiveness of sin
  • acceptance of the Gospel
  • success in evangelization
  • holiness for ourselves and others
  • renewal of our culture
  • etc.

We should always pray expecting God to say "yes" to all of our prayers.  This is a good way to grow in faith. But, our prayers should be wide and in accord with what is really good.

Holy Spirit, teach us to pray!


johnlopez said...

very yummy guys should talk more often.

EbethW said...

This is good! Solomon asked for a listening heart, that could cure alot of what's going on in our world!

Can I use this in my prayer lecture this Thursday?

Marcel said...

Yes, you can use it. We don't want to keep our thoughts to ourselves, which is why we have a blog. :-P