Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Problem of Authority

I have written frequently about the problem of authority, because many of the doctrinal issues which divide Christians boil down to the issue of authority. Fr. Barron does a very nice job framing the issue of authority in the video below.

A few posts on the issues of authority:
-Church Structure
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BJ Buracker said...


Thanks for this. As a Protestant, I've enjoyed Fr. Barron's talks in the past. He comes across as knowledgeable, lucid, and charitable. I find him incredibly helpful in understanding Catholic doctrine, as well as challenging. His arguments are worth interaction.


Stupid Scholar

Marcel said...

BJ - I agree that Fr. Barron is a blessing to us all. I also agree we need more interaction, but always in charity.

Brian said...

I would be interested to hear what Fr. Barron has to say regarding Eastern Orthodoxy on this issue, which also embodies a model of de-centralized, consensual authority but has managed to maintain a high degree of unity and continuity through the centuries.

pfinley said...

In my opinion what made the Orthodox Churches survive was the marriage of culture to faith. IE, Greek Orthodox, Armenian Orthodox, Russian Orthodox, etc. People identify their culture with their church. Most of those nations were oppressed terribly, thus they clung to the faith of generations.

Also they still technically have a primacy, either the majority under the Patriarch of Constantinople who is a "First among equals", or the Catholicoi as in Armenia.

But you are right, the is definately more consensual then the authority of Peter.