Monday, October 26, 2009

Links a Plenty

**A senior Anglican bishop is ready to become Catholic.  This is big news that could start a wave of Anglicans moving into the Church.  On a related note, some are predicting this could cause a rapid movement of Russian Orthodox / Catholic relations - to the point of having unity soon.  This could get even more interesting.
Pray for unity between Christians.

**A nun volunteering at an abortion clinic as an escort?  Yup, and her superior is defending her.  Ed Peters has some comments.

**Bishop Tobin responds to Representative Kennedy's statement on the Bishops and health care.

**Sometimes those two dads at Creative Minority Report have some great writing.  Sometimes they are just goofy.  This link is to an example of the former.

**A unchurched and "dechurched" young adults study.  Interesting info.

**In one of the most bombastic columns in a while about the Catholic Church, Maureen Dowd throws a fit. Pray for her.  I am not motivated enough currently to respond.


matthew archbold said...

goofy, huh?

Marcel said...

At least I didn't say it was the latter.