Monday, October 5, 2009

The (il)Logic of An Abortion Doctor

Why would any doctor, who swears in the Hippocratic oath to preserve life, want to perform abortions?  I really can't answer such a question, but a glimpse into the mind of one doctor leads me to believe it may come from a world-view which makes humans into nothing less than a dog; a baby into nothing more than a lump of flesh; or an abortion into birth control.

From a Q&A with an abortion doctor in Austin on the 40 Days For Life happening outside of his clinic:
Q: What is your response to the 40 Days for Life protest taking place outside your clinic? 
Abortion is an issue to me that - scientifically, ethically, politically, legally - in my heart of hearts I favor legal, properly-performed abortions. Anybody who demonstrates against us, in my experience - and it's always tied to some religious organization - to me, they are no different than Osama bin Laden and his creed. Because you cannot talk to them, their minds are closed, they think that God talks to them, which in my point of view is psychotic. 
I feel sorry for them, for all who walk down that road of brainwashing, but you know, some people are just susceptible to brainwashing. But despite that, no religious terrorism will stop me from doing what I think is the scientifically right thing to do. 
Q: So then, I take it that you're not a particularly religious man?  
No sir. I am a very devout atheist. Very deeply, there's no question about it. This God concept is a very interesting anthropological development, but I think its just - ah, did you ever see the Bill Mahr movie "Religulous? 
Well, I haven't seen it, but I know the film you're talking about. 
I would go a bit further than him, a little more radical. You know, Mahr says that 'God may exist.' But I say that God, as it's defined to me and through my readings from antiquity, you know, it's all a wonderful story. And, I suggest, a nice fairy tale.
So, the doctor gives his atheistic (and admittedly radical) world view in the first few questions.  Yet, the protesters, who peacefully and prayerfully protest outside his clinic, are considered brainwashed psychotic terrorists who believe in fairy tales.
Q: Your website describes abortion as an "important medical procedure." Can you expand on that? 
Well, it's a philosophical question. But to us, ethically, having an early abortion and taking birth control pills are the same procedure, because certain types of birth control prevent the development of a fertilized egg and leads to miscarriage. 
If you consider a fertilized egg a pregnancy, which religious people do, then taking certain birth control pills is just as much an abortion as anything else. It's somewhat interesting that many people who would demonstrate against an abortion service think nothing of taking birth control pills. Ethically, you cannot differentiate between the two. 
Second, in a certain patient population, an early abortion is a safer, better birth-control method than even taking birth control pills. So, from a medical point of view, there is no scientific or ethical argument that you could come up with against early pregnancy termination. As long as humans have recreational sex they will need abortion. As long as some pregnancies are abnormal, we will need abortion. You can't get around it.
Q: Your website mentions you offer counseling. Does your clinic offer literature, or do you talk about other options, such as adoption, with the women who come in?
Well, adoption is very simple, if they are interested we discuss it. It's sort of a misconception in some circles that ladies who choose pregnancy termination would be interested in adoption, that's one thing people don't understand.
Abortion is birth control. Adoption is giving up your child and not accepting your duties as a mother. Most women are not interested in that. It's only in a religiously-altered mind that that's a true option.
-Translation - of course we don't counsel for adoption.  That would be silly.  We don't want to lose profit.
Q: It seems that the debate over abortion hinges on a central question: at what point do you believe that a fetus becomes a human being? 
Well, as long as you have an early abortion, that's birth control. If you have a late-term abortion, that's euthanasia. I mean c'mon, let's face it. You do an abortion at 30 weeks, you know, you could do a C-section and you have a little baby in your hands. That's euthanasia. 
But euthanasia is something that's coming, you know. I mean c'mon. It already exists in Holland, Belgium and Switzerland."
-Translation - My answer is completely arbitrary, but abortion isn't any worse than killing through euthanasia.

This is correct!  His logic is both sound and faulty at the same time.  If you take his premise to its logical conclusion, you can't help but become the decision-maker over every human life, not just babies!
Q: And what's your opinion of state-sanctioned euthanasia? 
It's coming, I mean, you can't avoid it. You can cry against it, but it's a necessity. The only way you can control suffering and dying a most miserable death is by properly developed, medically-supervised euthanasia.
I agree with his assessment of the direction of our culture.  We are heading toward killing each other off for the sake of "death with dignity".  There is no meaning to suffering if you believe that life is merely about pleasure and has no ultimate meaning.  Nihilism coming home to roost.
Q: So you think that's a medical progression that will be sort of natural? 
Yes, there's no question in my mind. The United States happens to be a sociologically very backwards country, I mean compared to any European country. So, it's coming, and it's a struggle. I mean look at it, the whole society struggles with it. But it's like a train coming down the track. 

But can I ask you a question? You have asked many questions, so let me ask you: Why is it okay to put a dog to sleep because it hurts too much, but it's not okay to put a human to sleep? He needs to suffer? That's reasonable? I don't think so.
Europe as a model to follow?  No thanks.  They are headed toward demographic suicide.

Getting a little slice of the way this man thinks frightens me.  But, this is the kind of thinking that is permeating our society.  Thoughts have consequences and we must fight such lies with the truth.

Please pray for him and all who work in the abortion business.


RobKPhD said...

If he truly believes there is no God - and this guy has drank that poisoned Kool-Aid - then his perspective is completely coherent and logical.

If there is no God, if there is no immortality, if humans are merely more evolved animals, then killing a baby or any other person really does become equivalent to putting down a dog. Innocent, not innocent, young, old, healthy, unhealthy, all of that becomes moot.

Indeed, let us pray for this man and others like him too.

Quis ut Deus said...

"If you consider a fertilized egg a pregnancy, which religious people do, then taking certain birth control pills is just as much an abortion as anything else. It's somewhat interesting that many people who would demonstrate against an abortion service think nothing of taking birth control pills. Ethically, you cannot differentiate between the two."

Unfortunately it takes an abortionist it tell us Pro Lifers the truth about ourselves. I shudder to think of how many women are having abortions as they march in Pro Life rallies and demonstrate in front of abortuaries. Worse still, how many women as Extrordinary Eucharistic Ministers are having abortions while administering the Body and Blood of our Lord at Mass? The Pro Life movement will remain still born until the Catholic Church's teaching on contraception is followed. One cannot be for life and against conception. One cannot be Pro Life and Contra-ceptive.

Nick said...

He favors death but not suffering? That's illogical.

Carolyn said...

This is the difference between major abortion businesses like Planned Parenthood, which are founded upon racism and eugenics, and "doctors" who run their own single facilities. I would say most abortionists do what they do for money, but every once in a while there is someone, like this abortionist, who truly treats abortion like some kind of religious practice. Another thing I think of when I read this is that if I were to show these opinions to any of my pro-choice friends they would be very confused. They say abortion is a "right" but their views are nowhere close to being as radical as this abortionist's are. This man actually lives in the same place that he performs these abortions. He says things pro-choicers cannot admit, that abortion IS euthanasia, and even things that some pro-lifers cannot admit, that taking the pill results in early abortions. We must pray for him.

Michelle said...

Answer to his question. Human suffering has meaning in that it is redemptive because humans have souls. Dogs don't. Of course, this is not the way to answer an atheist. It's clear that he's not interested in an answer anyway.

Elizabeth said...

May the eternally merciful, and loving, Lord forgive this man. Truly, what a sadness this brings within my heart to learn of further radical, dangerous, atheistic beliefs. I pray God shall continue to open the hearts of these lost souls, bringing them into the arms of His grace.

Also, may our prayers be fervent and passionate, filled with the love of Christ- that these people may recant their false beliefs, and embrace the Lord through His Holy Roman Catholic church.

Geoffrey Miller said...

Obviously, this abortion doctor has never heard of pro-life atheists:

Ignorance is such delightful bliss, no? I wonder what religious "brainwashing" these guys underwent.

alveolate said...

good God! who are these abominable brainwashed religious people doing weird peaceful things outside my clinic??