Friday, September 4, 2009

The World's Happiest Cities?

A lot of what passes for journalism these days is really just fluff. Here are some headlines from various news sources today, you won't find a link to any of these stories because I don't want to waste your time:
  1. Wii games are getting better, critics say
  2. Guest: Many wept during Jackson's Calif. funeral
  3. 10 Places to Relive the '60s
My reaction to these stories:
  1. Okay. Thanks for letting me know.
  2. Duh. It was a funeral.
  3. No thank you. I like the present.
In another piece full of nothing, we have "The World's Happiest Cities". How do they go about determing such things?

"This is a survey of perception, not a survey of reality," he says. "People write me all the time and say 'that's not true.' It probably isn't true, but it's what people think.
Well, not exactly "science" science. But you know. Science.

To help the author out, the following quotes from the article tell us everything.
For instance, why did Amsterdam make the list at #4?
because Anholt's young respondents "know you can smoke dope in the bars"
Um. Yeah. Maybe Melbourne then?
"People know it's in Australia, and that it's full of Australians," says Anholt. "Therefore, it must be fun."
Wow. Um. Maybe San Francisco gives us a good reason it is on the list at #7?
The lone American metropolis, San Francisco makes the list because it's perceived by foreigners as the "most fun" of America's major cities. "It's associated with gay pride," says Anholt. "That's a happy image unless you're a raging homophobe."
Never mind. Forget I said anything...

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