Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Medjugorge Restrictions

Looks like some tight clamps are being put on Medjugorje.
[SUMMARY: Bp. Ratko Peric of Mostar-Duvno in Bosnia and Herzegovina has sent letters to the pastor and a parochial vicar at Medjugorje, with specific directives about how they and the parish are not to promote the alleged apparitions of the place:
  • that alleged messages and commentaries on them are not to be published;
  • that prayers from the apparitions are not to be used publicly;
  • the parish church is not to be called a "shrine", even privately;
  • that foreign priests may not give conferences or retreats without permission of the bishop;
  • foreign priests wishing to offer Mass must present a celebret from their diocese or order, and the information is to be recorded;
  • a privately-built church has already been closed and is not to be used;
  • unauthorized religious communities have no permission to set up residence;
  • and about regulating several other forms of promotion of the alleged phenomenon.


forenglandjames1 said...

What is your take on these apparitions? The Pope should take an official stance on this one I think because of all the divisiveness.

Marcel said...

The Church usually doesn't make a definitive statement until the apparitions end. But, this is about as clear as it gets, in my opinion.