Thursday, September 24, 2009

Catholicism 101

We now have video and notes up for the first three Catholicism 101 classes. Check it out here.

Catholicism 101 is a 12 week (1 1/2 hours for each class) program that introduces college students to the foundational theological teachings of the Catholic Church. The goal is conversion through an encounter with the truths about Christ and His Church, so every class has an evangelical dimension to it.

This class currently has about 130 students in the class. The first group to start the program last year is now in the third semester. There are about 40 in that class. We expect the program to continue to grow each year. Our hope is to be able to give Catholic students, studying at a secular university, the chance to learn their faith at an undergraduate level of theology, faithful to the Magisterium, all while seeking the conversion of the students attending the classes.

I am including the first class video below, but recommend you go to the class page on our website in order to get the notes, if you plan on watching.

NOTE: My teaching style is not very "professor-ish". My students get enough of standard dry professor style. So, I try to spice it up with personal stories and sometimes a random tangent. But, I am rarely boring, even if my style isn't to everyone's liking.

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