Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Aggie Catholic News

1 - There is a nice article in the student newspaper today (The Battalion) on our Welcome Weekend retreat.
St. Mary's Catholic Church held its annual Welcome Weekend Friday through Sunday. Welcome Weekend is a retreat for incoming new students consisting of small groups, prayer time, socializing, eating and worship. Approximately 200 freshmen and transfer students attended, and about 150 upperclassmen served as staff.

"The function of Welcome Weekend is to give the new students a lighter dose of what occurs at the, so to say, stronger activities," said senior music major David Casper. "I thought it was incredibly successful and I was amazed at the end how responsive and energetic the students were."

Welcome Weekend is designed to help incoming freshmen and transfer students prepare spiritually for college, get acquainted with St. Mary's and meet friends.

"The retreat exposes new students to a new faith community that is the largest campus ministry in the country," said Marcel LeJeune, assistant director of Campus Ministry for St. Mary's. "With as much as we have going on at St. Mary's - 80 student organizations - Welcome Weekend provides an easy way to become a part of the St. Mary's family from the beginning." Read more...
2 - We redesigned St. Mary's home page. Check it out.

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