Monday, August 31, 2009

This Weekend

The good news from this past weekend:
-190 retreaters at our Welcome Weekend retreat for freshman and transfer students. This is 60 more than last year, which was a record. We will have to seriously look at having two retreats next year.

-Estimated 5,000 in masses this weekend, including 1,400 at the 11 AM mass. We had two masses at 11 AM - one in the Church and one in the Activity Center. Plus, we had a closed-circuit TV (we call it "Holy Vision") in the chapel. All were packed with people standing.

The bad news:
We had people leaving because they didn't want to stand throughout mass. I hope they came to a later mass, but the reality is that some probably didn't. Regardless, I am glad to see St. Mary's continue to grow. Now we have to handle the growth better.

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