Monday, August 3, 2009

Monday News

Interesting mix this morning:

**A mob of Muslim extremists attacked a Christian village in Pakistan and burned it, killing 6. It was all because of a rumor that the Koran was desecrated in another village nearby.
Pray for persecuted Christians.

**The freedom of religion is being seriously challenged in almost all first-world nations. Take for instance, the U.K. Catholic bishops there are warning the people that the new EU directives on "equality" could mean that the government might limit the freedom of religion.

It is no longer enough to "tolerate" others, you must agree with them or we will change the laws to make you do so.

**The Fort Worth diocese is celebrating 40 years. Pray for renewal for the diocese as it continues to grow.

**Thinking with the Church - an important idea. But, one we can mess up going either direction. Either way you make God into your own image.

**Another bishop gives a warning about Facebook.

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