Wednesday, July 22, 2009

What "Common Ground" Exists With Abortion

I have a few questions.
  1. *When politicians say they want to have a "common ground" on abortion, what exactly do they mean?
  2. *What does this common ground look like?
  3. *Who has to compromise their beliefs?
  4. *What has to be compromised to meet on this common ground?
  5. *Is it possible?
I am going start answering the questions backwards:

5. *No.
4. *One side will have to "give" on their convictions.
3. *Neither side will agree to is, but most politicians think the pro-lifers need to give.
2. *The common ground is a political mumbo-jumbo that doesn't exist.
1. *Therefore, politicians say they want "common ground" on abortion they want votes.

I might sound a bit jaded - but there is no such thing as a "common ground" on abortion. This is why the President doesn't blink when telling the Pope and Planned Parenthood the same thing about abortion - he is playing politics.

This kind of political ploy is an attempt to get FOCA implemented in an incremental way - just as Cardinal DiNardo predicted when he spoke here this March. You can work against this by visiting

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