Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Teachers' Union Supports Homosexual Marriage and Abortion

You might ask, "why does the National Education Association, the nation's largest teachers' union, insert itself into the debate on homosexual 'marriage' and abortion"?

Good question. Unfortunately there is no good answer. But, the outgoing general council of NEA says it is all about lobbying power and money.

This video says it all. WARNING - some graphic language - yes, at a Teachers' union convention. I recommend you start about 15:30 and then watch the rest - if you watch any. Then ask if you or your Christian friends want to be a part of this organization...

It is about political power. Many teachers disagree with this kind of policy which is so blatantly anti-Christian. But, in some states, they are forced to pay dues. The Christian teachers in this country need to organize themselves and fight back.

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Origami said...

I'm not exactly sure why teacher's organizations, little less teachers themselves, support abortion. It kills our livelihood - the very ones we're supposed to be teaching in the future.