Wednesday, July 15, 2009

More News

It is a sad news day.

*The Catholic Radio Association is sending up a red flag, warning Catholics that some proposed federal laws and guidelines might kill Catholic radio stations.

*Even the radical environmentalists realize that contraceptives are bad. They just see them as bad for the environment only, not bad for humans as well.

*Vatican politics again. At least they aren't near as bad as real politics.

*Bad argument (maybe more correct to say sad argument) = my marriage was bad, cheating is natural, other marriages are bad, life gets sucked out of you through marriage, American culture leads to divorce, therefore there is no need for marriage today. Ug.

*To have some fun news - smoking has apparently been hit hard by inflation. A man was charged $23 quadrillion for a pack of smokes.

Tips O' the Hat to Mark and AmP.

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Alex said...

25 percent of all health care spending goes to treat smoking-related illnesses-- charging everyone that much for a pack of cigarettes would certainly be one way to bring that to an end.