Friday, July 3, 2009

A Blow to Parental Rights

Parents are denied the medical records of their 14 year-old daughter who got an abortion. What makes abortion so special that parents can't see the medical records. If my daughter got her appendix removed without my permission and then I was denied the records, I would be more than angry. What is the difference? Not only that, but it was her 21 year-old soccer coach who got her pregnant!
COLUMBUS, Ohio, July 1 (UPI) -- The Ohio Supreme Court Wednesday rejected a request from the parents of a girl who obtained an abortion for access to records from the clinic.

The parents filed a lawsuit against Planned Parenthood of Southwest Ohio in Cincinnati after their 14-year-old daughter's abortion in 2004. They say the clinic ignores evidence of sexual abuse, The Columbus Dispatch reported.

The girl allegedly was impregnated by her 21-year-old soccer coach, who posed as her father to get her an abortion and gave his "consent," the Dispatch said.

The state Supreme Court ruled the clinic does not have to supply the medical records of other underage patients. But the high court also refused to dismiss the lawsuit.

The parents argued the records would show a pattern of negligence.


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