Thursday, June 4, 2009


One of the most underappreciated rock bands of the 70s/80s era is YES. Here is a sampling of some of their music. Don't be too captivated by the horrible clothing or production of the video, just listen to the quality of the music. This video really gets going about the 1:45 mark.

Their biggest 80s hit "Owner of a Lonely Heart" isn't even close to their best song.


Ray said...

I love YES. I bought Tales of Topographic Oceans some time ago... 4 songs, all about 20 minutes long. I love it.

margmor said...

Woah- what a surprise to find this here. I'm a huge Yes fan, and even "Leave It" is later stuff. I spent my teen and college years digging into Close to the Edge and Fragile. Classic stuff, no one's done it better!

Marcel said...

It is later stuff, but still good and more recognizable by most people.