Monday, June 29, 2009

The Pallium

Archbishop Aymond received his pallium along with other new Archbishops from around the world this weekend.
The pallium dates back to the 4th century, according to the Catholic Church. Modern pallia are two-inch wide circular bands worn around the neck, breast and shoulders. The bands are made from blessed lamb wool, to symbolize the archbishop's role as a shepherd, according to the Catholic Church.

Two pendants about two inches wide and 12 inches long hang from them, one in front and one behind.

Only the Pope and metropolitan archbishops can wear a pallium. Aymond will wear his only on specified feasts such as Christmas.

Video of the Pallium Mass can be found here (this is part 2 of the Mass where the Pallium are conferred).


LM said...

where can you find the history? It is a little important for my non(anti) Catholic wife. Thanks

Marcel said...

Try this -