Tuesday, June 9, 2009

News for Tuesday

**The USCCB has a new site for the "Year For Priests".

**Jeffrey Steel, an Episcopal priest, is becoming Catholic. He tells why here. Great story. Please pray for him as he makes this tough transition.

**A video game maker has faked a protest by fake Christians in order to generate publicity. Savvy and stupid all rolled into one.

**A large scandal is brewing in Boston over abortion benefits offered in health coverage by Catholic hospitals.

**Should Catholic Supreme Court justices recuse themselves when topics about faith come up? One historian thinks so. I think she is off-base.

**Cheap renewable energy may be closer than we think. Good news.

**Meet Karina. She is a two year-old who is as smart as Stephen Hawking and Bill Gates. I bet she can't drive a car though...

**In a sign of ecumenism - both Texas A&M and The University of Texas are launching satellites together into space.

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