Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Top 10 Ways To Not Evangelize

Top 10 - how NOT to evangelize:

10 - Post a sign outside your church that says "Eternity is a long time to be wrong" or on the flip side just make sure that everyone knows that God is love and nothing else.

9 - Argue with someone about being right.

8 - Use violence or manipulation.

7 - Mistake social justice as the whole of evangelization.

6 - Scream into a bullhorn and use "going to hell" often.

5 - Avoid all controversial subjects so that others will like you more.

4 - Expect everyone to be at the same place you are, to see the world as you do, and to speak the same language you do.

3 - Don't do or say anything that might challenge you.

2 - Preach a false gospel (e.g., the health and wealth gospel, all religions are the same, etc.)

1 - Live a life contrary to the Gospel. No need to live it out.


tour86rocker said...

My first thought was that Westboro Baptist sect

FrDarryl said...

11. Starting the conversation, 'Have you accepted Mary as your personal mediatrix?'

Justin Michael Schwartzbeck said...

Fr Darryl, that was funny. Although a lot of people might not get it.

Just today I had a conversation with a Baptist about the papacy and a debate with an atheist about the evils of pornography. I guess this post came just in time.

Brian Gill said...

Oh, wow!


Thanks: I needed that.