Thursday, May 21, 2009

Two Items

1 - Carl Olson writes a phenomenal response to Fr. James Martin. The two have been charitably debating the Notre Dame / Obama scandal. I highly recommend it. A snip:
The reason many Catholics are upset is because they believe, rightly, that the talk of dialogue was a smokescreen for what was actually happening: the most famous Catholic school in the U.S. was honoring the most famous abortion rights advocate in the U.S.
and one more:
The logic here is both quite simple and unavoidable: the reason Notre Dame would never honor a racist—even if he was President of the U.S.—is because Notre Dame knows, along with everyone else, that racism is sinful, evil, and contrary to both Catholic teaching and basic morality derived from commonsense and the natural law. So why is abortion different? After all, it is evil. It is sinful. It is contrary to Catholic teaching. It is contrary to basic morality derived from commonsense and the natural law. So why is it different? Because it has been rendered legal by the Supreme Court? Because many people accept it as a legal right? Because it has somehow been magically turned into a private choice and a "woman's right"?
Just go read it all already.

2 - The Jesuit-run Seattle University is hosting a discussion on "reproductive justice". You won't believe it, but as Dawn Eden states -
the "thoughtful conversation" on "reproductive justice" at the Jesuit-run university consists solely of pro-abortion speakers.

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