Monday, May 25, 2009

More West Criticism

The Christopher West criticism's continue. This particular article gets specific with the problems that David L. Schindler (Provost/Dean and Gagnon Professor of Fundamental Theology at the Pontifical Institute for Studies on Marriage and Family) has with West's theology.

I have no big issue with most of his comments, because most of what Schindler writes would be bothersome with me as well. But, I have never heard West emphasize or talk about any of the issues Schindler raises, with one exception - the reference to Mary's breasts.

As for the Nightline segment and Hugh Hefner, I think Schindler doesn't have the full story and makes the same mistake that others have.

I stand by my earlier comments and also urge you to read Jimmy Akin's sober analysis of this whole controversy.

Jimmy's article starts with this:
This post is going to be about the current dustup in the blogosphere regarding Christopher West and the recent ABC News piece on him.

Before I get to the controversial stuff, though, let me say a few words about the task Chris is undertaking.

Christopher West has a difficult job. As a chastity speaker, he's got to juggle several things at once:

1) He's got a very sensitive subject
2) On which different audiences have different sensibilities
3) The audience that most needs his message is very hard to reach
4) Part of the reason why they're so hard to reach is that they have a pre-existing stereotype of Christian sexual morality that they think gives them a license to tune out anything a Christian says on the subject
5) To reach this group you have to effectively batter your way past this anti-Christian prejudice and get them to take you seriously while simultaneously
6) Not offending the sensibilities of those who already take Christian sexual morality seriously
7) Some of whom have rigorist views on the topic

That's a tall order. It is humanly possible to juggle seven things at once (SEE HERE), but it's not easy.

Sometimes the task is especially treacherous, such as when being interviewed by the mainstream media, which is going to try to sensationalize every subject it deals with, but especially the subject of sex.

They'll also selectively edit the stuffing out of an interview with you and leave the audience with carefully chosen, out-of-context quotations.

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tour86rocker said...

I think this will all turn out to be a net positive for Christopher's ministry. Hope it tones it down.