Monday, May 18, 2009

Jesus Cheeto

This is just cheesy.
Preston Hollow resident Sara Bell recently stopped by this newspaper’s office with a unique discovery: a Cheeto that she thinks looks like Jesus.

Bell came across the strange snack a few weeks ago while she and her husband, Dan, were driving home from Houston. He bought her a bag of Cheetos in Jersey Village, she said, and everything was normal until she was about a third of the way through it.

“Then Jesus appeared,” Bell said with a laugh.

Until she decides what to do with the Cheeto, Bell is keeping it safe, wrapped in tissue inside a box that once held a wristwatch. Pic - © Preston Hollow News

Here is what her friends advised her to do.

Some friends have told Bell to put her Cheeto on eBay. Others told her to try to get it on Ellen DeGeneres’ talk show.
eBay sounds like a good idea, but if someone wanted me to be on Ellen, they wouldn't be my friend anymore.

Anyhoo, it doesn't look like Jesus, it looks like St. Joseph.

Be on the lookout for others if you live in Houston:
Apparently, Bell isn’t the only person to eat Cheetos slowly enough for a divine experience. In the past 15 months, there have been media reports about similar finds by a Missouri woman and a Houston man.
Here is the Houston story - his Cheesus looks like he is still in Mary's womb, but with a mullet.
Jesus keeps appearing in food. Some of my other favorites:
-Jesus Tortilla
-Jesus Pancake


Dave said...

I'd like to see a Cheeto St. Lucy. That would be cool -- a little Cheetolet holding a platter with eyes on it.

Gina said...

The Lord works wonderous miracles every day in our lives, and this is what gets press.


Nod said...

Hey, when Jesus appears as food ... you eat it.