Monday, May 11, 2009

Great Catholic Media

I love featuring great Catholic media. Here is a new video/commercial from

These are the kinds of innovative, creative, and well-done programs that can make a difference in our culture.

UPDATE: National Catholic Register reports: (Tip O' the Hat to CMR)
At today’s National Catholic Prayer Breakfast, EWTN’s Raymond Arroyo announced that this new pro-life video ad has “initial acceptance” for broadcast on the closing episode of “American Idol.”

Produced by as part of its series of “Imagine the Potential” ads, the new ad promotes adoption by highlighting famous people who were themselves adopted.

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Holly said...

As a doctoral candidate in contemporary art history, I am usually severely critical of the aesthetics of modern media, including that of my beloved Mother Church. This ad, though, is simply too beautiful, too well-made, too potent to criticise. Praise be to God for the talented people who participated in the making of this ad - both literally and figuratively - and may He and the Blessed Virgin touch the hearts and minds of all those who see it, that they may see the truth and beauty of the Gospel of Life. Bravo!