Thursday, May 14, 2009

Angels, Demons, and Humans

**Mark Shea has written an answer to "Angels and Demons". If you want to read it - click here.

**I heard about this a while back, but didn't post it then because I thought it was just a rumor. Now, there is more substance to it. The man who attempted to assasinate John Paul II, Mehmet Ali Agca, now says he wants to be a Christian. Some have their doubts - but I will quote Mark on this one - "I figure Christ will take 'em anyway he can get 'em. It's not my job to adjudicate whether a conversion is "real" or not." - agreed.

**George Weigel has a good article about the politics involved with the Notre Dame scandal. He asks - "Which Church does Notre Dame belong to?"

**Notre Dame alums have withheld over $14 million. While that is small change in their annual budget, even Notre Dame can't lose that and be happy about it.

**Great story about how a mother sacrifices her chances for recovery from cancer for her unborn baby.


Eric said...

I disagree with the comment from Mark Shea. There is always a mutual discernment between the candidate and the Church about preparedness for entering, for receiving the sacraments. As an RCIA catechist that is a point that has been made clear to me in both the official rubrics and my own experience. Ultimately, the depth and true intentionality of the conversion can be known only to God alone. But anyone in whom the grace of God is at work will bear some fruit that a discerning Church can identify and acknowledge.

I think the real issue at stake is to avoid cynicism and skepticism. In this case I would say the likelihood that he is sincere is good. For one, he is not seeking baptism as a way to ameliorate his prison sentence. Second, he has had a number of years to consider seriously this decision. Third, what better witness to the Gospel than the late John Paul the Great, who forgave his attacker for the attempted assassination. I would say his candidacy as a catechumen should be taken seriously.

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