Friday, April 17, 2009

Theology of the Body Institute

Our Revolution (theology of the body team) was featured in Christopher West's Theology of the Body Institute newsletter. We had Christopher come in to speak in March and several of our staff have attended classes at the institute. Our team is now in the process of dreaming / planning for how to grow our Theology of the Body programs. Please keep us in your prayers. We hope to have Christopher return soon.

Here is a snip of the newsletter article:

Once every semester, The REVOLUTION hosts a high-impact evening including a talk about theology of the body, prayer, testimonies, videos made by students, and an invitation to join other students in study groups. This semester the group is adding an event called "The REVOLUTION: Rich in Mercy," an evening consisting of Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament and guided prayer for the healing of memories from past sins. The mission is to deepen hope and to strengthen chastity. "As the REVOLUTION continues to grow, we hope to introduce more events focusing on men’s and women’s specific struggles and topics dealing with homosexuality, contraception, etc.," continues Stephanie. "In past events, the church has been almost completely packed. So we will… be looking to move on campus and expand our outreach to embrace our Protestant brothers and sisters in the near future."

Recently, Christopher West spoke to a completely packed crowd at St. Mary’s Church on Texas A&M. Afterwards, he had an opportunity to spend time with the students of the REVOLUTION. Stephanie described the encouragement they have received from Christopher West and TOB Institute, “We have been in contact with them over the past year and their prayers, support, and example of holiness have been an inspiration. From the beginning Christopher’s advice to us has been to ‘pray, pray, pray, study, pray, pray, pray, study, pray…’ encouraging us to go farther than just learning the theology of the body, to truly let sink into our hearts and live it out....God’s thirst for our love has been so evident as we have watched His Spirit stir throughout this movement,” says Stephanie. “The REVOLUTION has already changed so many lives just here at Texas A&M by giving students an opportunity to hear about TOB, study it, and become immersed into a community that encourages them to live it out. Through the REVOLUTION, the theology of the body has brought immense healing and truth to the brokenness of our college campus."

The first picture is with some of the Revolution team, Sr. Marie Bernadette, me, and Bishop Aymond. The second is of Christopher when he visited in March.


tour86rocker said...

I have a question about Christopher West that you might be able to help me with, Marcel. There are a lot of answers out there to the question, "What is the opposite of love?" Mr. West says that the opposite of love is USE, as in exploitation of another human.

I mentioned this to a friend the other day, and although this rings true for me, it did not ring true in her mind. She asks, if this is the case, what is the opposite of hate if it's not love?

I had to admit that I do not know the answer to that. (Although inwardly, I'm uncertain of whether the answer to this question is really important.)

Marcel said...

It isn't Christopher's definition, it is JPII's. It isn't just exploitation, but rather using another as a means to an end and not an end unto themselves.

Hate is an emotion. The emotion of love - think "luv" - could be thought of as it's opposite.